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Happy Holiday: PicFic

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‘Tis the season for shortbread and shopping malls, holiday stress and family tension.

I have visions of geographically dispersed families with members scattered around the globe, doing whatever they can to make it home for the holidays to spend time with relatives and friends.

I see travelers arriving on the doorsteps of (grand)parents and siblings.  They bring mountains of gifts (or none at all), too much luggage, and odd habits not apparent during long-distance telephone calls.  For several days–weeks even–they pile on top of one another in the tiniest of urban condominiums and compact homes.

Anticipating such an event, a friend of mine writes in a greeting card, overwhelmed: “We’re staying put for Christmas but everyone is coming here.  Aaahhhh!  Help!”

My friend is an introvert; a sensitive soul; a solitary creature.  She needs down time, quiet time, and space around her. It’s how she stays sane.  She’s not a Diva.  It’s just how she is.

But they’re coming.  And they’re staying.  And she loves them.  And despite everyone’s best intentions, she knows that extended time together in cramped quarters can be a recipe  for disaster.  I suspect that she’s not alone.

This got me thinking about alternatives and solutions.  I came up with one–what I thought might be a stress-reducing offer.  I tried it out on a fictional character.  The idea, and the response to it, takes the form of a 26-word picofiction.

It appears in PicFic: a Twitter-zine published by Folded Word Press.  The zine bills itself as “an experimental journal that boils down the essence of short stories so that they can fit in a mobile phone text message.”

Here’s the link to my story: Happy Holiday

This raises some questions.  If you’re so inclined, click your answers, then press VOTE:

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed this holiday season, and feel the need to unload your frustrations, consider my comment box a ‘venting receptacle’ where you can let-it-out instead of unleashing on beloved family and friends.

If the season is stress-free for you, filled with harmony and relaxation, you’re welcome to spread cheer too.

Seasons greetings and all the best to you  ~

  1. There is a direct correlation, based on the amount of time spent with guests, when “Yes, very much” (as a response to the poll questions), turns into, “Well, sort of”.

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