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Which Earthquake?

In Random Curiosities on 01/17/2010 at 07:38

The ambiguity makes me wonder:

Is the fundraiser for Haiti disaster relief?


Did the earthquake in Haiti spark fear in Vancouver,
and efforts to stockpile emergency funds for when

The Big One

shakes the Canadian west coast,
which we’re told is inevitable?

  1. I don’t think people should panic and even have fears right now because the big one has not happened “yet” in Vancouver and obviously people do not want it to happen. But hey, nature itself has its own “timeline” and if the big one does happen, well, i guess we’ll all just have to cross our fingers and praise the Lord Jesus.

    People should not blow things out of proportion for everyone must not fear for they shall have the courage and the strength to overcome in any difficult situation such as earthquakes. Final most important thing is to have peace.

    Peace for all.

  2. I have no doubt the fundraisers across Canada are a direct heartfelt response to the earthquake in Haiti, and Vancouver is no different on that count. So far I haven’t heard the usual amount of media content on local earthquake preparedness that inevitably follows earthquakes–media outlets and people in general are still focused intensely on news of the relief effort and local connections to Haiti. (Monitoring news today I was particularly struck by the number of Canadian missionaries in Haiti–numerous stories about them.) But yes, personally there has been some fear in back of all this, and admittedly, my donation was accompanied, vaguely, with thoughts of building goodwill for the day when we too require the world’s help.

  3. The earthquake will happen and it is our responsibility to be able to predict our own situation, i.e. is your house on bedrock, does your work have an response plan? Then knowing what will happen are you able to follow steps to take care of your needs, and then take care of the needs of others. I do not think any type of praying will help except maybe reduce your stress for you may have a false sense of control or power over the situation. The best thing to do is plan, and be prepared. I haven’t updated my kit for a while, but each earthquake reminds me to refresh “what would I do”? How will I communicate with my family, and how will I help my community? Nature is predictable (we will have an earthquake), God is not predictable and we know how many prayers have been unanswered esp. by the Haitians. Pray if it makes you feel better but you are better off planning than praying.

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