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Repetition In A Different World

In Random Curiosities on 01/22/2010 at 09:34

I open the mailbox, pull out the contents, ask a question:

“What’s this?”

“Repetition in a different world,” I say.

“I know (this).  I’ve seen these ‘wind words’ before, up close on the computer screen, at a distance.  And now, here they are in my hands to touch.”


It’s an airmail postcard from Dorothee Lang: German author, artist, poet.

On one side, an image from ‘Lung Ta (wind words)’, introduced to the world in the recentWords of Power’ issue of the online experimental journal qarrtsiluni.

On the other side, a micro-text entitled (this), which appears in A Handful Of Stones: a cyberspace journal that celebrates “the extraordinary in the ordinary”.

Virtual and tangible realities intersect for me as I experience the same words and photographs in different ways, in different worlds.


“Is either world, either experience, more real?” I ask. 

  1. so good to know that the wind words made the way across the ocean and arrived in your mailbox! great photo, too: again, a different image of the same image.

    the difference of reception: i pondered on that, too, when the prints arrived. maybe this is partly connected to place / mindset: online work is viewed online, on a monitor, by nature. which for me mostly means: at my work desk, which always comes with a gradual working -mood / -attention span.
    plus, there is a ‘standard’ distance to a monitor, while our distance to a print-photo that we put up on a shelf is changing.

    and i guess there are other factors included, too. so interesting.

    thanks for putting this ? in words. together with the snapshot, it now made me sit down and tell the story of this wind card, and note down the answers i quoted above in a post, here the link:

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