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Olympic (dis)Comfort Zone: Just a Moment

In About All Publications, About Image Works on 02/13/2010 at 08:44

Life is paradoxical; full of contradiction.  The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver are no different.

McDonald’s and Coke are official sponsors; athletes are beacons of health and fitness.  Many oppose the games; scores embrace them. Locals and visitors party in the streets; a competitor dies on the luge track in Whistler.

On opening day I see another paradox — an Olympic (dis)comfort, so to speak.

It appears in just a moment.  The direct link  →  here.

  1. I just voted in your Poll Daddy. How exciting. I am with 25 % of the other people, in having no opinion. Why did I find it necessary to communicate that I have no opinion? Kind of an interesting paradox…?

    Anyway, I’m here in your comment box really because I liked your post on Just a Moment. Great pics. Hope you are surviving the experience. All I’ve heard about it really, over here, apart from seeing some of the opening ceremony, is that Joe Biden’s motorcade crashed…..

    • Thanks Rose :)

      Biden’s motorcade crashed? Not sure how I missed that. Just checked. Here it is:

      And apparently, weather records for Vancouver have been/are being broken. The last time it’s been this warm — day after day — at this time of year was 100 years ago. Uncanny, the timing, with the Winter Olympics on, the need for cold temperatures and snow, and joggers on the beach wearing t-shirts and shorts ~


  2. So he wasn’t even in the crash then? I only heard about this on CNN because apparently his motorcade has been in a bunch of crashes lately and people are like, huh? Anyway. That has nothing to do with the Olympics. I watched the men’s figure skating. That was fun. Look forward to your interview with Dorothee. :)

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