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Living ?s for Myself

In VisuaLiving > Highlights on 03/28/2010 at 16:36

Karyn Eisler:

What is VisuaLiving?

Karyn Eisler:

my photo gallery

a kaleidoscope of color

a place to massage my visual memories

a sandbox where i play and have fun; a site to explore different image renderings



What is your starting photo?


my brother’s eyeball



I’d like to see your brother’s eyeball. Where is it?


on the flip side of this link

  1. i am amazed at how many writers are also photographers and/or visual artists. i’m always looking for artwork for Referential :)

  2. The brother’s mother loves her son’s eyeballs. Good work, Karyn!!!! Enjoying Easter dinner with our other family, the Thorsons.

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