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April Garden Party 2010

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Birthing blooms vines leaves, my window spring morning fresh, I see.

© Karyn Eisler, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Your view?

Send video or 515 pixel-wide jpeg [or wider] to:

k_eisler AT telus DOT net

Words, name, link, location — please include.

Look forward to seeing what’s growing (or isn’t) near you!

April is over and submissions are closed.
To all who stopped by to view and/or share, thank-you!
Scroll down to see the April photos. They’re preserved.

This is a weed that grows all over this area, including our yard.

© Steve Wing, North Central Florida, USA


First it grows and then it snows in April in Central Montana.

© Sherry O’Keefe, Central Montana, USA


A brightly colored tropical flower in Panama City, Panama.

I found it growing in a private garden.

© Omar Upegui R., Panama City, Panama


The Hostas are emerging this April. More spring blooms here and here.

© Gary, Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA


A canopy of cherry blossoms on paradise lane …

© Bruce Pashak, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


A magnolia trunk framed by a spread of red barked dogwood Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’.

Julia Fogg, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom


A mansion surrounded by lush tropical vegetation in the neighborhood of

Bellavista in Panama City, Panama.

© Omar Upegui R., Panama City, Panama


april sunday, ash clouds hovering, invisibly.

if things went as planned, i would be in mallorca now –

but would have missed the opening of the tulips, here, under vast plane-free blue skies.

© Dorothee Lang, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Springtime on a Vancouver rooftop, pre-dawn.

© Jean Smith, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Apple blossom shaped flowers bloom on fan trained wall shrub early-mid spring in UK.

Wood on this one is two years old or more.

Suspect it is Chaenomeles x subspecies ‘Crimson and Gold’ due to its gold anthers.

Should have good fruit production.

© Julia Fogg, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom


Walking to my studio, this stopped me in my tracks.

I took a proverbial moment to, “smell the roses”.

© Bruce Pashak, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Small patch of tropical trees near the USMA University in Panama City, Panama.

© Omar Upegui R., Panama City, Panama


A sunny neighbor growing in my backyard.

© Judy K, New York City, New York, USA


I’ve got two living lawn mowers/ornaments in my yard.

Sometimes these sisters have lots of wool, but after shearing, not so much.

They always make the garden a fun place to be!

© April Obersteiner, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


What goes in must come out!

After a big wind storm blew down fir tree branches, more than usual went in …

so more than usual came out.

© April Obersteiner, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


The result?

Beautiful, rich, organic “black gold” that helps the camellia flowers grow!

© April Obersteiner, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Blueberry, raspberry, parsley and sage. Hybridized fruit is all the rage!

© Angus MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


nature contained:

in the heart of the city

within concrete and wooden beds
flowers do what they know best

© Daniela Elza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


nature contained:

in the heart of the city

on my porch

bursting out of their pots
our little celebrations

© Daniela Elza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


nature contained:

in the heart of the city

the cherry tree near my house
along the water

so rich in blossom
will not bear fruit

© Daniela Elza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


A beautiful Guayacán tree blooming in bright yellow in Panama City, Panama.

More photos and a blog post about the Guayacán tree here.

© Omar Upegui R., Panama City, Panama


Tulips grow out of raised planters on the streets of lower Manhattan.

This is what passes for a garden in the city!

© Judy K, New York City, New York, USA


Easily overlooked in an elegant raceme,

the individual flowers are luscious (as a friend described them).

Wisteria is a type of vine in the pea family, as you might guess by the flower structure.

© Steve Wing, North Central Florida, USA


Wisteria flowers are produced in hanging bunches called racemes.

The fragrance of the flowers drifts on the breeze;

a sweet, arresting scent that makes me consider the many forms of power.

© Steve Wing, North Central Florida, USA


April morning – the sun brushing the spring flowers with light fingers.

The tulips rise, their petal tips yellow,

their leaf tips pink like the christroses in the background.

© Dorothee Lang, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


‘Tis my husband’s thumb that’s green enough to fill our plates.

© J.S. Graustein, Rocklin, California, USA


Zoe is waiting for spring,

but the dirt-filled flower pots sitting on my balcony will stay that way

— until at least Victoria Day weekend in May.

© Geraldine De Braune, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Bushes, trees, and fields are popping with small colors. Newborns, eyes closed.

© Mel Bosworth, western Massachusetts, USA


Of course the sun is fickle today, shining only weakly through hazy clouds.

But this shows you what spring in North Central Florida looks like.

What I wish I could send are the scents of wisteria, jasmine, honeysuckle, and citrus.

With gardenia still to come.

© Steve Wing, North Central Florida, USA


This is the view from my window.

Since I don’t have a green thumb, my landlord exchanged my real plants for fake ones,

and I like how they match the real ones, outside.

©Rose Hunter, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


This is the yard in front of my apartment, from the alleyway.

It looks fine over the top of the wall, but I like looking through the peephole instead.

© Rose Hunter, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


A garden in Calgary, Alberta in April is a place that resembles the b word —

brown, bare, and beautifully broken.

Not a green sprig in sight.

© Barbara Thorson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The sentinel of my Alberta garden is Alberta herself,

the Siberian Husky who gives an icy blue-eyed stare to any trespassers,

especially pesky magpies.

© Barbara Thorson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Garter snakes are mating, the solitary vireo is back,

and the first hepatica are blooming in the woods.

© Dave Bonta, Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA


Two Bradford Pears are required in each front yard

but that doesn’t take away from their beauty.

© Jessie Carty, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Easter weekend, the narcissus already withered, the ‘Christrosen’ in full bloom.

A larger image + notes are up here: http://www.blueprint21.de/blueprints/photo50.html

© Dorothee Lang, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

  1. Party guests are extending the invitation:-)

    Daniela Elza’s extended invite from Canada:


    Rose Hunter’s extended invite from Mexico:


    Dorothee Lang’s extended invites from Germany:




    Dave Bonta’s extended invite from the USA:


    The more the merrier. Thanks for spreading the word …

  2. Thank you for the comments! I will see what is going on in my garden this weekend and share a pic!

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  4. An unintended collaboration from the garden party — a collage of images and words from above — appears in the BluePrintReview blog just a moment.

    The piece is called small colors. The link is below:


    And here, a related small colors blog post, in virtualnotes:


    Thank-you for taking the time to put this all together, Dorothee:-)

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  6. Julia Fogg, thanks for those two images. they are like pieces of art. great eye for detail and colour.

  7. […] | April 23, 2010 Check out Karyn’s spring Garden Party. She is collecting photos from a variety of people. I sent her yesterday’s hosta photo. […]

  8. my photo with the snow was late to share, but i’ve enjoyed seeing all these photos. spring in montana is harsh and i had never understood why so many people loved spring. seeing these photos helps me understand that spring is different than it is here. our worst snow storms are in the spring. thanks for such a lovely tour of spring!

    sherry o’keefe

  9. Thank you Karen for the beautiful party . This year I promised myself to be more conscious to the unfolding of Spring but somehow missed the mark a bit. Your party captured it for me and brought me ever so present to the beauty of nature.

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  11. […] flowers are from my patio garden. I took the photo back in spring 2010, around the same time as my April Garden Party. The checkerboard image is from a water feature in the Italian Gardens at Hastings Park, Vancouver, […]

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