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Pop On Fire: Referential

In About All Publications, About Image Works on 06/11/2010 at 04:40

Inspiration for ‘Pop on Fire’ goes back a full year:

Last summer, POP UP Poptagon appeared in Locus Novus — an on-line journal devoted to the “synthesis of text and image and motion and sound”. The piece came together as a collaborative effort between myself and German artist Dorothee Lang. It was an exploration of the pop culture lexicon. At the time, anything and everything ‘pop’ related jumped out at me, including a ‘pop’ intensive window display for the Pop Opera on Hastings Street downtown. Here’s how it looked in its entirety:

None of the photos from my window display collection made it into that project, and I’d pretty much forgotten all about them — until now, when the memory of one of the display photos I’d taken came back to me while reading Jenny Billings’ poem entitled “Love at the Movies” in Referential Magazine. In the poem, the word ‘pop’ appears in one form or another three times:

once here: “you held the popcorn”
again here: “warm, fresh popcorn, wrapped”
and yet again: “red velvet seats popped”

When I made the connections I submitted a photo from the collection, and now it appears on the same page as Jenny’s lines.

There’s an introduction to the piece on Referential’s blog.

A direct link to the joint works is here:
Pop On Fire [Karyn Eisler] + Love at the Movies [Jenny Billings]

  1. Reference to ‘Pop on Fire’ now appears in the BluePrintReview blog, ‘just a moment’. The direct link is here.

  2. This is what I am loving about Referential! The way things connect in ways you’d never think!

  3. That’s what I like about it too. And it provides a way to focus when thinking about submissions — look for unanticipated connections between published work in the magazine, and unpublished work sitting on the shelf at home. As founding editor, Jessie, high five to you! Such a wonderful and inspiring concept ~

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