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Tracks: BPR #24

In About All Publications, About Image Works on 06/12/2010 at 13:52

That day with my camera at Waterfront Station, standing on the elevated walkway, shipping yards and loading docks in the distance, I look down at the tracks, and think about choices and all that comes with them:

beginnings and endings, distractions, mergers and divisions …

I see the fabric of life:

challenges, happy accidents, well-worn patterns …

My photo entitled ‘Tracks’ appears in BluePrintReview #24 — the microcosmos issue.

BPR editor Dorothee Lang pairs the image with words by Vancouver poet Daniela Elza.

The direct link is here:

Tracks [Karyn Eisler] + The Math Ex.am [Daniela Elza]

NewPages.com describes BluePrintReview as “an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails.”

And a question:

When you see tracks, what thoughts come to you?

  1. your post has me thinking about the way a dog can track something/someone without visual tracks. we need mud or snow before the track can be revealed, but what if we could tune into other senses the way some dogs do? last sunday we were running our dogs along the river. we repeatedly noticed that the dutch shepherd, with her instinct for protection, was On Guard. she could not relax and enjoy the run. we went home a few minutes early because she was so uneasy. twenty minutes later an EF2 tornado touched down on the very path we took to get home.

    tracks/senses/path: one leads to another.

    wonderful photo.

    • Thanks Sherry:-)

      What an amazing story about your dog. I dream about having that kind of sense perception — and also the capacity to trust my senses (and/or intuition) fully about things I have no tangible evidence of in advance ~

      [Note to readers: Sherry blogs about the tornado here and here — live tornado footage included.

  2. I’m learning a bit about that too. (The trust thing.) I don’t have anything on tracks in my mind atm. Except maybe trips. Trains are my favorite way to travel. I like that pic. I guess you’ve been back for a while now from your trip, but welcome back!

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