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Brady Bunch Bliss

In Random Curiosities on 06/27/2010 at 23:35

I was thinking about childhood today, and wondered:

What made me happy as a kid?

I instructed myself to dispense with analysis and forget about critical thinking:

Why certain things put a smile on my face was less interesting than revisiting the sources of my bliss.

First thing that popped into my head:

The Brady Bunch
’70’s TV show / fictional family / a dog / a maid / 6 kids

I loved The Brady Bunch.
They made me happy, and their rendition of  ‘Sunshine Day’ still makes me grin …

And a question:

What made you happy as a kid?

  1. I liked Eight is Enough, naturally, as an only child (never saw The Brady Bunch), and The Love Boat. (!) Oh, and CHIPS. Hmm. I thought I didn’t watch much TV as a kid…. I also liked swimming, collecting insects and animal bones, and eating waffles.

  2. I loved walking to the store to buy milk with my Dad. I lived in a small town called Aylmer. The milk store was only a block away….seemed like so far away when I was little. My Dad was a big man, and would hold out his pointer finger for me to hold onto when we walked to the milk store. I cherish that memory. Now, when I walk with my grandkids, I make them hold my whole hand. That way, they get more of me and I get more of them; such a delight are little hands.

    • This line of yours:

      Now, when I walk with my grandkids, I make them hold my whole hand. That way, they get more of me and I get more of them

      What a beautiful thought, Granny Babs ….

  3. I grew up (part of the time and never minding that I haven’t really, yet) in a country town and there were lots of cicadas. Also cows, sheep and horses and maybe kangaroos often dropped dead in the paddocks around the place and I used to haul away all these bones and skulls and put them in my cubby. I had quite the collection!

    That’s sweet, above re hand-holding. My dad will still grab my hand to cross the road, and I still love it!

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