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Unfolding Folded Words

In Random Curiosities on 06/29/2010 at 08:35

Getting mail is cool. No doubt about it.

It’s even cooler when mail with my name on it contains something other than bills.

Take, for example, the package above — sent to me by California-based Folded Word Press Managing Editor, J.S. Graustein. The package contains two custom-made postcard bundles that unfold into a labyrinth of color-coded stories, written and made just for me.

Unravelled, they look like this:

There’s a red story about people[ she] met”
on the other side of the continent:

A blue story about (im)press(ive) guests”
who spoke at a literary publishing event:

And a black story about “Motorcycle Week”
in Laconia, New Hampshire

.Purple, brown, and other colored stories are woven into the labyrinth as well.

When I look at the creations — words, design, conceptualization — I wonder:

How did you come up with this?

Thank-you J.S. Graustein, thanks so much…

  1. How fun to see my paper creations digitized. And such colors!

    To answer your question, I was inspired to create by the postcard you and Dorothee jointly sent me. I was so tickled by your creation of a “Folded Word Department of Broadsheets, Posters, and Ex Libris” brochure that I looked in my “Creating Books & Boxes” by Benjamin D. Rinehart for something I could make to split between you two. Et voila! Some postcards sliced in half, some art paper stolen from my daughter, some fun with my bone folders & glue (which I don’t leave home without), and a lovely hour (stolen from my non-fiction beast of a book) = your package and a twin to Dorothee. If you ever get together again and bring your folded words, then you’ll be able to see your postcards in full;-)

    • So interesting to read about the details. “Creating Books and Boxes” …. I’m curious to see what other designs are in there. I’ll have to look that one up. It’s amazing, really, how many words/stories you were able to fit into the two tiny bundles. It was so much fun to twist and turn as I followed the letters!

      And to know that it’s a split project makes me think that Dorothee and I will have to plan another meet-up somewhere in the world to put our folded words together;-)

  2. This looks very cool. No doubt about it, getting mail is cool, yes, unless it’s a bill or from the bank etc. Thanks for your and Dorothee’s postcard. Caveat: I haven’t exactly received it yet, in the flesh. Dorothee sent me a PDF of it. But I still have hopes of receiving it, hence, anticipation…. Awesome card! Thanks for your thoughts re Circus (comments) too. :)

  3. The possibilities are evenly split between lost in Mexican postal system, or in the apartment of my crazy neighbour…. Here’s hoping…!

  4. J was really sending some lovely mail because I also received some books which I’m taking my time to enjoy :)

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