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Drain: PicFic

In About All Publications, About Word Works on 07/15/2010 at 16:45

When it comes to new publications, I typically write a few words in my blog — provide context; give the back story. Most recently, I did so here, where I detail how strangers in an airport terminal inspired ‘Flight 493’. Another example is here, where I explain how ‘(Re)Vision’ connects to a 70’s TV character and my childhood obsession with Jan Brady.

‘Drain’ is my third micro-story as PicFic’s Featured Contributor for July 2010. In terms of context, details, and back story — this one is different; I don’t offer any. Have a look. I’m sure you’ll understand …

Here’s the link → Drain

  1. thanks for this “Drain”. it made me chuckle, and return to a line i recently read in Julian Barnes story collection “The Lemon Table”: “Naturally the artist is misunderstood. That is normal, and after a while becomes familiar. I merely repeat, and insist: misunderstand me correctly.”

  2. I never think to provide much context to my publications when I list them. Hmm. Wondering if I should try that :)

  3. Jessie, considering the publication and submission stats you just posted on your blog, I wonder how much time it would take (or rather, where would you find time in your day to write back stories for them all?) :-)

    Dorothee, thank-you for posting that quote. So interesting, your interpretation of ‘Drain’ — I hadn’t even thought of that ‘read’, or perspective.

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