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Arctic (from) Air

In Random Curiosities, Treks on 08/19/2010 at 15:56

Always been curious about the High Arctic.
Hadn’t occurred to me I’d fly atop it on my journey to Europe.

After a nap, I look out the window–ice floes everywhere.
Baffin Island. Baffin Bay. Greenland. Norwegian Sea.

In-flight TV monitor reads:
Minus 86 degrees celsius at over 35,000 feet.

Go here for more on Flight 493.

  1. Hello again! OK what I meant by that comment to you (on my blog) was: it looks so close! Obviously you were high up, I’m assuming…! Where’s my fourth coffee? On its way? Good….

  2. No, not that close. It looks close b/c I was zooming in, looking for Arctic wildlife. Was hoping to see polar bears or muskox–something like that. Unfortunately we were going too fast, and I couldn’t get nearly close enough. Ah well, seeing the ice was a thrill in itself.

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