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dinner for 2 in Vacation town: BPR #25

In About All Publications, About Word Works, Treks on 08/24/2010 at 17:37

Sometimes I marvel at global connections:

I draft a poem in Hungary. Polish it in Canada. It’s accepted for publication in an international journal based in Germany. It appears alongside a photo by Claire Ibarra who splits time between  the USA and Peru.

Now, the poem and the photo it’s coupled with are digitally available around the world.

Here it is → dinner for 2 in Vacation town

And a link to the collection → BluePrintReview #25: the two² issue

The cast of geographically dispersed authors and artists in the issue includes:

Michael K. White, Marcia Arrieta, Ray Scanlon,
Michael Brandonisio,
Eckhard Gerdes, Molly Sutton Kiefer,
Linda Simoni-Wastila Z.Z. Boone, Changming Yuan, Kirsty Logan,
Michelle Elvy, Rose Hunter (+more), Kim Keith,
Susan Gibb (+more), satnrose, Jean Morris, bl pawelek
Sheldon Lee Compton, Smitha Murthy,
Jeff Crouch, Brad Rose, Steve Wing (+more),
Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Tyler Cobb, Justin Kern
Karyn Eisler, Claire Ibarra (+more)


What kinds of connections inspire you?

  1. I am inspired by our connections that ride invisible frequencies and light waves. Those that travel through fibers as thin as a strand of hair, transporting words and images instantaneously, to create no distance between us within vast space…

    The World Wide Web is magical.

  2. Karyn, I love your companion in the poem. This one stays faithful.

    Yes, this kind of magic is thrilling. I am writing poems with a woman in Italy. Collaborated on images with Dorothee in Germany. And when my work appears in online journals they do not feel American, or German, or Algerian,
    feels…transcendent? out of this planet?

    We need more words to describe this.

    • Thank-you Daniela.

      It really is a linguistic challenge to describe the experience. Any ideas for a new word to add to the lexicon?

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