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Lake Hévíz, Hungary: elimae

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Two photos of Hévíz, Hungary are featured in the September issue of elimae. I took the photos of the lake in broad daylight back in May–the water was warm; centigrade, about 33 degrees.

Here’s the link → Lake Hévíz, Hungary

And below, a MicroMoment I captured the same day:

In case you’re wondering, the correct pronunciation of elimae is el–ee-may. It stands for ‘electronic literary magazine’.  It’s been around since 1996, features creative writing and occasional images, boasts an elegant minimalist design, and is currently published under the joint editorship of Cooper Renner and Kim Chinquee in the U.S.


  1. Great stuff! And elimae too, awesome journal, and I see you’re in good company there.

    I like the MicroMoment too. I like the constriction of it? I want to see more, like a wider context, but you don’t show it?

  2. Thank-you, Rose ~

    Some wider context shots–aerial photos of the lake–are here: http://bit.ly/9gMgbI

  3. Those are great! And thanks for the info about the mag. I didn’t know how to pronounce it or that the name stood for that :)

  4. […] discovered these lily pads in this lake, in Hévíz, […]

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