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Remembering August

In Blog Carnivals / Events, MicroMoment Videos, Treks on 09/14/2010 at 06:49

swimming sideways at harrison hot springs

a balmy august evening at 10 pm

 reverence / luminescence

waves of light


Prepared for Language/Place Blog Carnival #8: The Poetry of Place.
A few words from host Walter Bjorkman > here.

  1. […] this CD is emanating from the speakers in my vehicle as I drive along a dark TransCanada #1 from Harrison Hot Springs to […]

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  3. ah! this reminds me a bit of the hot springs in banff, the way the pool is on the edge of a sidehill…the snowfall in july….the steam…the mix of languages….the way you had to swim under a doorway to reach the outside. i’ve since revisited the place many times as an adult, each time the visit makes me slip through time sideways- a bit like your video!

    sherry o’keefe

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  5. I love the idea of micro-moments. Thanks for sharing.

  6. love this “micromoment”, karyn—the serenity and wisdom of water. added your fantastic blog to my blogroll at Nothing To Flawnt. cheers from berlin!

  7. I like this angle. It makes me think of swimming in a different way.

  8. A peaceful perspective on swimming.

  9. it’s so soothing to watch the video. it makes me remember that day when i went to the swimming hall here, and for a while, was the only one in the water basin, with all ripples coming from my moves.

  10. Thank-you for the comments everyone:-) And Marcus, thank-you so much for the blog link! Wish I could reciprocate > finding a place for a blog roll here is a real challenge with this particular WordPress template … :-(

  11. […] MicroMoment video I posted last year, just resurfaced in Poetry of Place: > language > place blog carnival […]

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