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Tree Dwellers

In Blog Carnivals / Events, MicroMoment Videos, Treks on 09/28/2010 at 17:32

Trees, the forest, the view from my room in the Hungarian spa town of Hévíz.

Every day, for 21 straight, these birds broke my sleep at 4 in the morning.

Wonder what they’re saying…


Prepared for Festival of the Trees
a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal.
Festival #52: Healthy Curiosity

  1. wow. what a concert. what memories that brings back.

    here in false creek by the water, the chorus is so thinned out.

  2. well, i guess from many places i have been (Bulgaria, yes, and when travelling though BC) that has kept its birds. my grandmothers house too. I also remember the solo of the dove in the lazy afternoons when we had to nap:-)

  3. I love these little videos!

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  5. […] my window each morning steam rises off the lake between horizon and forest; if you could hear the birds sing in shades of orange and green. › LikeBe the first to like this […]

  6. […] years have passed, yet even at a distance, the aural and visual sensations stay with me — just as this bird chorus has. Share this:FacebookTwitterTumblrLinkedInStumbleUponDiggRedditLike this:Like3 bloggers like […]

  7. […] It was early. It was loud. It was the beginning of May and I’d just returned from a trip abroad. I’d spent a full month  in Central Europe, where birds sang  for me all day long (look + listen). […]

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