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In Blog Carnivals / Events on 11/13/2010 at 22:21

A new BluePrint project just went live–it’s a delight to be included:

It’s a blog carnival that explores connections between language and place. This carnival–the first in a series–is showcased on virtualnotes: the blog of BluePrintReview editor Dorothee Lang.

To enter the carnival, click the image:

In Lang’s words, the carnival works like this:

there’s a given theme, and to join, you put up a related blog post…send the link to the host of the carnival who then puts together a central page with links to all participating blogs…if you click through it, you get to visit the different blogs, with additional content in them…here’s a blog carnival definition.

She also describes the carnival theme:

anything that connects to language and place…a personal note, a poem, photography, a travelogue, a memory, a video, a flash story, a moment of (mis)understanding…

My blog post about Flight 493–a language-place publication–is included in this first edition, along with posts of over 20 contributors from various points around the globe–from Alaska to Finland to Greece and Switzerland; Hong Kong to London to India and Jerusalem.

Do you have something to say–or show–on the topic of language and place?

If so, a call for submissions for the upcoming carnival is here.

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