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In Random Curiosities on 11/16/2010 at 17:43

Cold November days make vibrant flowers fade from memory…

What fades in November for you?

  1. I actually love November. I love watching the leaves change and I enjoy Thanksgiving. It is probably because I find December to be less fun with all the commercial buying and all :(

    • Ah, right…your Thanksgiving is November, while ours was last month. Here, the leaves have already turned, and fallen, while you’re enjoying the color display now. The difference, I guess, is that I’m north and you’re south…

  2. November and December are my least favourite months. Still thinking about why? There is this bracing…this waiting… which seems to change right about the Winter Solstice. The pressure is released. That is when I know the days begin to get longer.:-)
    Home is where my family is…
    Home is where my writing takes me…
    thanks for asking… now will have to brainstorm the less obvious answers:-)

    • Hi Daniela! These days, home for me, as flowers turn grey, is under blankets, on the couch, marking papers and exams, for days and days…

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