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In Random Curiosities on 11/20/2010 at 17:15

Winter approaches.  Perennials die–become unrecognizable.

Here’s the question:

The plant in the photo above is/was a _____________.

First person to get it right wins.
Submit your answer below in the comments.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Nine unread 2010 issues of Reader’s Digest magazine,
mailed anywhere worldwide.

Plenty of Canadian content inside.


Back Story:

I wanted to enter the Digest Sweepstakes,
and needed a subscription to do so.

Figured it was cheaper–with better odds–than repeatedly
buying lotto tickets.

Haven’t yet won but I’m crossing my fingers $$$.

Meantime, I’m decluttering, and these magazines
need a new place to live.


Go ahead, take a guess…I want you to win!

Read the comments for hints.


We have a winner!
Congratulations goes out to Susan Gibb.
She correctly identified the image at the top of this post as a:


    • No, not Iris. But the plant in the photo, when alive, looks stunning next to an Iris patch–the contrast in leaf shape and size is spectacular. Actually, the stalks you see here, slumped over, are pretty much hidden by the big leaves when the plant is alive. Feel free to guess again!

  1. spider plant?

    • No. Not a spider plant. Actually, the leaf shape of the plant in the photo is totally different than the leaf shape of the spider plant–not long and narrow. In the photo, you can’t actually see the leaf shape. All you see are the dead stalks, bent over.

  2. can’t really be from timing, but it looks a bit like tulip.

    • Not lupins. I love lupins! I think they need more sun than the plant in the photo requires–it does well in full shade. You’re welcome to guess again!

  3. I love lupins too, and COLUMBINES, my second guess. It may also be my final guess as I near the end of my flower knowledge.

    • No. Not columbines. Think more ‘basic’. A basic big leafed plant that grows well in shade. Kind of a staple — at least in many west coast gardens. But I know many Calgary gardens have them also. They’re not known as much for their flower as for their showy leaf. Some–me included–snip off the flower right away b/c it kind of detracts from the foliage.

  4. is it trillium?

    • BINGO!!! The image in the photo is, indeed, a [very dead] HOSTA.
      Susan, you are the OFFICIAL WINNER! Congratulations:-)
      Email or Facebook message me your address.
      I’ll send you all nine issues of ‘The Digest’ sometime soon ~

  5. Congratulations to susan! I have no hosta in my garden, but perhaps next year….

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