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Where Is Home? [4]

In Home Reflections, Treks on 12/14/2010 at 19:37

Home is the site of my ancestors’ bones …

  1. So awesome. I love the colors you used, as well.

  2. Love this, as I love graveyards. I hate it when people choose to sprinkle. We need a place to go.

  3. […] is also in many other places, including here, here, here, here, here, here, […]

  4. These family plots are in Kleinwarasdorf, Austria–
    a village in the state of Burgenland, formerly part of the
    Austro-Hungarian Empire. The village is less than 6 km from the
    current Hungarian border.

    Some relatives still maintain homes in the village,
    within walking distance of these gravestones.

  5. […] like the idea of becoming proficient in one of ┬ámy ancestors‘ many languages. That aside, I love the sound of the Hungarian language itself. It’s […]

  6. […] Meeting relatives within walking distance of my paternal ancestors’ bones. […]

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