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Season’s Greetings

In Seasonal Greetings on 12/24/2010 at 07:34

Season’s Greetings!

may your days be filled
gratitude   /   warmth   /   abundance
clarity   /   peace
in solitude or with loved ones



  1. thanks Karyn,
    Happy holidays to you.
    And a Happy new Year.
    May it be filled with spaces for curiosity, and for time to wonder, and wander.

  2. thanks for the wishes – happy holidays to you, too~~

    and smile – i think i know where the photo is from. Vienna, the light installation. great to see it shine here.

  3. HAPPY New Year ! Gratitude, warmth, peace… who could ask for more ? Well, how about sending me your e-mail address ~ the one that got deleted from my answering machine. I’ve still got a stack of cards to send you.

  4. p.s. it’s 8pm not 4 am ! Even I don’t get up THAT early ~ ha !

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