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4:30 am

In About Word Works on 01/21/2011 at 10:32

quiet quite quiet quite quiet quite quiet

quite quiet quite quiet quite quiet

quiet quite quiet quite quiet

quite quiet quite quiet

quite quiet


  1. Haha! Playing tricks with the paper!

    • Late last night (or rather, early this morning) it was more about playing tricks with my mind to lull me to sleep (it kind of worked) …

  2. I tried to click “like” but not sure it registered. Maybe the WordPress server has gone to sleep? ;-)

  3. It works … but I had it turned off. The feature is left justified, but the rest of the blog is centered, so it kind of throws things off. Since you ‘like’, though, I turned it back on to accept the compliment. Makes me wonder how many people would have to ‘like’ a post, for the feature to appear centered, even though it’s not? I’m thinking about 15 or so…

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