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I Wake As: unFold

In About All Publications, About Word Works on 02/22/2011 at 17:48

It’s a three-part repetitive poem with introduction and title–four tweets total. The image above depicts how it looked as it was published in stages on Twitter. Here’s how it looks on the publication website, all parts put together:

I Wake As: unFold Magazine

A special thank-you to unFold’s Brooklyn-based editor Rose Auslander for seeing the potential of my work. I’d submitted the poem as a singular tweet, including three alternative layouts for her perusal. She suggested including all of the layouts, and connecting them for a multi-tweet tale. I hadn’t considered that possibility, but am delighted she saw the larger picture.

The poem was published in conjunction with


SPECIAL CELEBRATION — A Valentine to Poetry and Celebration of unFold.

An honor to be included …

  1. Karyn, it’s a pleasure to work with you — such a lovely poem!

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