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oenisplx / igrnimeeg / spnimirt is an asemic project I put together with Dorothee Lang.

It’s included in the language/place blog carnival #7–assembled by Julia Davies:
“unwritten language / unnamed place”.

A larger version of the asemic images appear in life as a journey >  the direct link is here.


The term ‘asemic’ is variously described as “post-literate”, “nonsensical”, “non-symbolic”. Like abstract art, asemic work promises viewers the opportunity to generate personal meanings from their own cultural and linguistic standpoints rather than having meanings imposed by writers and artists.

In keeping with the spirit of asemics, I won’t tell you the origin of the images. I certainly won’t reveal that the images began as photographs I took  inside the bathing complex that sits at atop the mineral-rich Hungarian Lake Hévíz–the largest thermal lake for swimming in Europe; the second largest in the world.

Something else I won’t reveal is the video below; that water in motion–a MicroMoment I captured on camera while standing inside the Hévíz Complex after a long afternoon of soaking:

Other things I promise to keep secret are the symbolic meanings in the title of the project. I won’t tell you the nonsensical three-part name carries the following interpretive content:


oenisplx = the letters of the word ‘explosion’
[explosion of energy that leads to the elements]

igrnimeeg = the letters of the word ’emerging’
[life emerging, colors spilling into one another]

spnimirt = the letters of the word ‘imprints’
[dried out world, only imprints remaining]


Other collaborations with Dorothee Lang include: Induction/Deduction,  The White Squares, POP UP Poptagon, and Dealing with Family and Friends.

  1. U guys are so creative!

  2. i come here to understand more…and when i leave i take with me two or three more open doors. thank you!

    • You’re more than welcome! Thank-you for stopping by, redmitten:-)

      Of course, this makes me curious to know which two to three doors for you have opened!?!

  3. Oh, I really like all the stuff you are not telling me! I am most interested not to know all this…. Excellent! Do you have prints? I’d like to hang these on my wall, or maybe in woodcuts.

    • Rose, you’re hilarious:-)

      Prints … gosh … no! No prints … not yet, not now …

      Good idea. Prints … Woodcuts …

      Hmmmm … you’ve got me thinking …

  4. Whilst clipping my nails
    I happened
    upon this blog
    ‘nother time and place
    remember the y
    in her name
    Mount Royal College
    a shared friend
    some love…
    and life…
    nice work here
    nails clipped
    talk soon

    • Well Hello … Kevin Damaski. Am I right? Close? The give-a-way was “kevd”. took me a moment to get it, though. Notice you commented over at VisuaLiving also. Thanks for stopping by. Hope / trust all is well with you ~

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