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VisuaLiving > Lukács 1

In Random Curiosities, Treks, VisuaLiving > Highlights on 06/26/2011 at 18:32


Not just any water–thermal, medicinal, healing water.

Here’s the direct link, with more details and a larger image included:

VisualLiving > Lukács 1


Do you have water you’d describe in these terms?

If so, where?

  1. Yes! Maybe! I’ll put it up on Fotos if I find it….

  2. Great! Please let me know if / when you do…and leave a link here!

    Looking forward to it, Rose:-)

  3. I was thinking of a new one, but there is also this one:


    It’s thermal in the sense of balmy, I think…. It was early in the morning and I felt very at peace.

    Water! :)

    • Thanks so much for posting the link to your image! No kidding … peaceful. Just looking at it makes me take a deep breath. If I’m ever feeling frantic, I’ll return to it ~

      Water (and sand)! :-)

  4. I linked your image there as well, so we are all peacefully linked up! :)

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