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Remembering August: >language>place carnival #8

In Blog Carnivals / Events on 07/22/2011 at 18:38

A MicroMoment video I posted last year, just resurfaced in
Poetry of Place: > language > place blog carnival #8.

To see the introduction and link to the piece click here, and scroll down about half way.
Better yet, before you get to it, check out the global cast of contributors’ respective musings on their own poetic spaces:

Lou Freshwater, Parmanu, Kristina Johnson, Steve Wing
Rose Hunter, Dorothee Lang, Jean Morris, Sherry O’Keefe, Jen Knox,
Marcus Speh, Julia Davies, 
Stella Pierides, Michael J. Solender, Darryl Price,
Laurie Kolp, Jillena Rose, Sandra Davies, Catherine McGuire
Brigita Orel, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Nicolette Wong,
Vivian Faith Prescott, Walter Bjorkman


Here’s how Walter Bjorkman describes his experience as host of this edition:

When asked … I jumped on the chance. I have been part of previous editions, and found the reading fascinating – to see what talented writers were doing on their own blogs. This experience enhanced that feeling moreso. It was a joy to get each entry in the mailbox and explore these hidden treasures, and being part of Dorothee Lang’s great promotion of them was exciting. The explanatory blurbs sent in also enhanced my reading, and I put them into second person wherever practical. If anyone else has a chance to host future editions, I would advise to do so – they will be greatly rewarded, as I have been.
> language > place is a BluePrint project–the brainchild of Dorothee Lang.

  1. […] Prepared for Language/Place Blog Carnival #8: The Poetry of Place. Walter Bjorkman–host of this edition–describes his experience here. […]

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