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In About Word Works, Blog Carnivals / Events on 10/08/2011 at 17:51

a sunny august moment unfolded like this, if I recall it correctly …


head, spinning fast spinning right up down left i’m
meandering home from the station, i
deas and fantasies
dreams and ambitions of elsewhere of there of

away far away, other lands other times other spaces
back then wonder when
but not now and not here and not present
old breath vision time and sensation

away, until 

2 blinks they open, my eyes so wide open i see that it’s me

in my fresh in my nation my city
so fragrant
 this moment

right here and today


written for: > Language > Place Blog Carnival: Edition #11

featured in:  BluePrintReview Newspaper


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  2. funny how i travel to learn/relearn that elsewhere doesn’t matter . . .



  3. “my eyes so wide open i see that it’s me
    in my nation my province my city my street…”

    :) I am feeling a bit unsettled atm., missing my streets that are just like this, but of course! Nothing stopping me from owning where I am…. Thank you. :)

    • Rose, you’re welcome :-)

      Your line > “owning where I am” … at the end of the day moment year, it’s probably the key to absolutely everything. Kind of unfortunate that it’s as challenging as it is to achieve sometimes, especially during unsettling moments. Deep breaths, again and again, I think, help us to get there ~

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