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Hadn’t settled on a favorite color until asked about it the other day.
That’s when Matt Potter popped the question, out of the blue–he’s the founding editor of Australia’s Pure Slush literary magazine. Under pressure to answer him, I did,
after thinking it through.

Matt’s question is part of  “The Hue Questionnaire”–a ritual interrogation of all authors whose words appear in the journal. My creative nonfiction flash entitled Impromptu will go live on the site February 25th. My thought colors, however, have already appeared:

The Hue Questionnaire

Pure Slush features writers from around the globe, including
Nicolette Wong (Hong Kong), Marcus Speh (Germany), and Susan Gibb (USA).

If you haven’t already, check out their work and favorite hues.

  1. How fun and interesting. I like that hue too. :)

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