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Unexpected engagements. Misleading social markers. When they coincide, they crack the solidity of my own taken-for-granted assumptions.  They raise questions and contain the potential to move me, transport me, to shift my perceptions.

My story entitled ‘Impromptu’ details such an encounter. It happened in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Here’s an excerpt:

It was one of those clear March days when dozens of crows line the branches above the stop and defecate on unsuspecting folk waiting for the southbound #3 — a typical 2pm in Vancouver at the corner of Hastings and Main.

The full story appears in Real Time—the nonfiction pages of Australia’s Pure Slush literary magazine. Here’s the direct link:


A special thanks to
Pure Slush editor Matt Potter.

A special thanks also to BluePrintReview for this #StorySunday accolade:

Do you recall any first impressions that concealed a story you never suspected?
Any engagements that cracked the solidity of your own perceptions?

  1. Amazing tale. Confirms my belief that the best narratives are to be found on the street. My favorite is his speech

    “Everything fucked-up when I went swimming in really cold water. Mountain water. Don’t know what happened. It messed up something inside me. Can you believe that? I got into coke. That’s where it all started.”

    OMG brings back memories of ‘Daria’. Sharp story.

  2. A marriage proposal at Hastings and Main! And? (A thousand a month!….) :)
    I like this story a lot. I remember this corner too…. The detail Marcus notes above I like a lot too, it seems very true.

  3. Just to say, yours is an excellent blog!

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