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reconnecting with my senses in hévíz

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My memory of Hévíz—a Hungarian spa town—is a memory of sensation. My time there is sacred. It’s not a particularly “exciting” time; it’s a rejuvenating contemplative retreat more than anything. For close to a month, my routine consists of eating, walking, resting, sleeping, soaking in mineral hot springs, and receiving wellness treatments (massages, mud packs, etc.). For me, it is bliss. It’s the closest to I get to God.

On more than one occasion I’ve gone there to disconnect from life-as-I-know-it where I live; to disconnect from computers; phones; responsibilities. Solitude is available in large quantities. I slow down. I stop thinking. And when I stop thinking, I begin to sense life in and around me in ways I tend to overlook during the rest of  the year. What I find through disconnection is a reconnection with the language of my senses—and nature.

For example …

From my window each morning
I hear and see:



From the cobblestone streets
I watch and listen:



From the lake—a thermal lake—
I feel my skin enveloped in heat and liquid nutrition:



I smell
sweetness in the earth; air; trees:



Well … there’s earth, air, and trees in that video, but you can’t really smell them.
Perhaps one year I’ll capture the scent and share it here …


This post was prepared for:
Language > Place Blog Carnival #14:
Locating the Senses in Language / Place

  1. I love cobblestone streets. (They are everywhere here too.)
    Sounds great! :)

  2. I love thermal baths! How come I only discovered your article now. Makes me want to go off to Hungary right now. Also enjoyed the link to the comprehensive global online spa guide…water’s so important, inside and out. Cheers from Berlin!

    • Cheers, Marcus! I love thermal baths, too. When I’m not in them, I dream about them. Water is so healing. So important, as you say. Vancouver greetings!

  3. This is a wonderful post — my senses are fully alive! I love the sounds, sights, even smells I can conjure here. And I’m with Marcus — I’ll meet you in Hungary, mate!

    • Thank-you, Michelle! The smell is a tricky one. Haven’t quite figured out how to capture it, but conjuring is good. We could all meet in Hungary, poolside.

  4. i love those micromoments – the birds, and then the water. there is something both cheerful and meditative about the waterlilies and the swimmers in the pond. thanks for capturing those moments ~

    • And thank you, Dorothee, for organizing the blog carnival series, and for suggesting I contribute to this issue. I wouldn’t have brought these micromoments together like this otherwise.

  5. This blog post is now featured in the medical tourism website: Treatment Abroad.

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