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Treatment Translation

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People who know me are aware that I’m a big fan of wellness treatments. Whatever’s on offer, I’m happy to receive. That’s one of the reasons I spend time in Hungary–a nation with the label: Spa Capital of the World. In Hévíz, a thermal lake spa town, I sign-up for a 21-day treatment program which includes an assortment of things. No question, the translations are helpful as I move through my days and weeks …

Prepared for Edition #16 of the International BluePrint Blog Carnival >Language>Place.
Theme: Translation  Host: Florida-based author and artist Steve Wing

This image also appears in Spas Baths Hot Springs and VisuaLiving.

Another Hévíz translation collage: Translation Treat(ment)


  1. The German words sound more energetic to me. :) Steam bath in Spanish is: “baño de vapor.” “Mascarilla de barro” it looks like is mud-pack, I think, huh…. :)

  2. this is so interesting, the different moods the words have, and how some are similar (massage), and some all different. the first in the list is Hungarian and the last is Russian, or?

  3. the plunge pool belongs in a poem (!)

  4. […] image also appears in Spas Baths Hot Springs. For background details, visit Living ?s. Share this:FacebookTwitterTumblrLinkedInStumbleUponDiggRedditLike this:Like9 bloggers like […]

  5. […] Hungary – Magyarország: Visit a Hungarian spa with Karyn Eisler by following her treatment translation: “Whatever’s on offer, I’m happy to receive: Izappakolas, Biorezonancia, Hidroterapia..” Plunge into the therapeutic delights. […]

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