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November 1st > Mindful Writing Day 2012

In Blog Carnivals / Events on 11/01/2012 at 07:02

The calendar tells me I’m one year older, ………………………..but
if time is an illusion I haven’t gained a day.


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  1. So good – love the vivid colors and the zenlike thought. A very happy birthday to you!

    • Thank-you, Dorothee! Such a coincidence that ‘Mindful Writing Day’ landed on my birthday, giving me a focus for my observations and thoughts. The image — funny thing is that it’s an old one that was sitting in my archive, and I have absolutely no idea what the original photo was of :-)

  2. Lovely….! And, yes, happy birthday!

  3. happy birthday dear K!!
    and you’re still young – not really that old


  4. In the spirit of ‘Mindful Writing Day’, Dorothee Lang included this image in two collages–one with four images total, the other with nine. They connect the mindful writing practices of people from different parts of the globe. Each collage also includes a line from each author, with a link to their webpage, and their ‘Mindful Writing Day’ post:

    The first collage with four image / lines: http://bit.ly/SlukiB

    The larger collage, with nine images / lines: http://bit.ly/PPFsZs

    Thank-you for including me, Dorothee ~

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