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There’s nothing quite like a private tour of the countryside.

It was May 2012, in the spring heat of Hungary. A local resident took me in his car…

First stop was Sümeg Castle, located in the town of Sümeg, Veszprém, Hungary. The castle sits atop a mountain called “Castle Hill”, about 20 miles north of Lake Balaton. Built in the 13th century by Béla IV of Hungary, it has undergone expansion several times, including the 15th century when it was fortified, and the second of two towers was built. It has been under siege several times.

Second stop was the Buddhist Sztupa at Zalaszántó–a village in Zala, Hungary. The sztupa contains the relics and teachings of Buddha. It is often referred to as a ‘tree of life’ standing 24 meters high. The sztupa represents the mind of Buddha and his wisdom, love, and compassion for all beings. It symbolizes bliss, enlightenment, and peace. The monument was consecrated on June 17, 1993.


It struck me when I returned home to Canada, and looked through the photos I’d taken: In one afternoon, I was exposed to both war and peace in Hungary. This is the title of my photo contribution to the December 2012 Issue of Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. 

Here’s the direct link:

War and Peace (in Hungary)

Here’s a link to the full issue:

Foliate Oak / December 2012 Issue

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