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They woke me up at the crack of dawn.
Looked out my window. Here’s what I (heard and) saw …

On the Wires now live at qarrtsiluni in the ‘Animals in the City’ issue.


It was early. It was loud. It was the beginning of June and I’d just returned from a trip abroad. I’d spent a full month  in Central Europe, where birds sang for me all day long (look + listen).

I missed them. I missed their volume, the forest they hid in, the softness of their songs. I longed for 4 am when they consistently woke me from slumber. I doubted if Vancouver birds would ever offer such wonder.

My vacation was over. I had jet lag. I yearned for the birds, and the company they’d offered. I longed for all I’d left behind in my vacation spot—the unfamiliar newness of a different culture.  I wasn’t psychologically ready to launch back into my routinized life at home. I didn’t want to wake-up to the typical morning silence I remembered.  But much to my surprise, my first morning back began with bird songs of a different color. Loud. Sharp. Insistent. Perhaps they were telling me I’m not alone. Perhaps they were reminders of ever-present wonder. Perhaps the crows were saying,
“Wake-up to the beauty right here at home.”

For side-by-side contrast:

Forest Vacation Birds: Tree Dwellers  VS  City Home Birds: On the Wires


A special thanks to Kentucky poet Sherry Chandler
for featuring ‘On The Wires’ on her website.

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