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On The Wires > qarrtsiluni / Animals in the City

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They woke me up at the crack of dawn.
Looked out my window. Here’s what I (heard and) saw …

On the Wires now live at qarrtsiluni in the ‘Animals in the City’ issue.


It was early. It was loud. It was the beginning of June and I’d just returned from a trip abroad. I’d spent a full month  in Read the rest of this entry »

home sense memory

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a sunny august moment unfolded like this, if I recall it correctly …


head, spinning fast spinning right up down left i’m
meandering home from the station, i
deas and fantasies
dreams and ambitions of elsewhere of there of

away far away, other lands other times other spaces
back then wonder when
but not now and not here and not present
old breath vision time and sensation

away, until 

2 blinks they open, my eyes so wide open i see that it’s me

in my fresh in my nation my city
so fragrant
 this moment

right here and today


written for: > Language > Place Blog Carnival: Edition #11

featured in:  BluePrintReview Newspaper


VisuaLiving > What Do You See?

In VisuaLiving > Highlights on 07/19/2011 at 18:34

The challenge, I think, is to witness beauty at home. These days, I see it all around me.

Click links below for full images:

Waterfall 1

Flowers 1

Black White Black White Black


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Where Is Home? [7]

In Home Reflections on 02/05/2011 at 21:28

Home is on a lily pad …

Where Is Home? [6]

In Home Reflections on 01/29/2011 at 18:27

Home is wherever the light shines …

Where Is Home? [5]

In Home Reflections on 01/19/2011 at 07:00

Home is buried beneath a snowpack …

Where Is Home? [2]

In Home Reflections on 11/23/2010 at 17:32

Home is the path you walk alone …

Where Is Home? [1]

In Home Reflections on 11/08/2010 at 17:18

Home is wherever a door opens …