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Dealing with Family & Friends

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A trip down memory lane recalls my first collaboration with German author / artist Dorothee Lang—a 2009 cross-disciplinary project that appears in the online journal qarrtsiluni. The quasi-mathematical formula is as follows:

audio + visual + fiction + theory + stamp
Dealing with Family and Friends

The project evolved over a game of email volleyball; a series of back-and-forth tosses that began with the lines that now appear on the photo. Image selection was next. Then came the postage stamp. The fictional theoretical story followed. Audio-recording of the words came last. Somehow, we pulled it together, without any conscious road map or plan.

In addition to the online publication, the project is included (without audio) in qarrtsiluni’s print anthology entitled:



Dorothee’s notes on the process are here.

3 Images > Referential Magazine

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Fun thing about submitting work to Referential Magazine— regardless of whether the submission takes the form of poetry, photography, or non/fiction—is the process. Each submission must refer, in one way or other, to a work on the site that is already published. It could refer to a word in a poem, a sentence or phrase in a work of  non/fiction, or even to a video or static image.

Three circular photos now appear in the zine. The references, and links, are as follows:

Melanie Faith’s poem “Ad Infinitum” contains the phrase scattering them into circles.  Reading this poem recalls a photo I took at sunset in Richmond, British Columbia.  The scattered circles, and the poem, are here.

The words full moon in Ellen Kline McLeod’s poem “Her Cracking Open” bring to mind a moon scene I captured near Vancouver International Airport. For the image, and McLeod’s words, go here.

The third image refers to Paris Elizabeth Sea’s poem “moment, molecule”.  A full moon I witnessed one night while standing on the curb in front of my home refers to Sea’s words: the smallest of dots. For the moon and the poem, click here.


Links to all of my references at Referential.