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Olympic (dis)Comfort Zone: Just a Moment

In About All Publications, About Image Works on 02/13/2010 at 08:44

Life is paradoxical; full of contradiction.  The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver are no different.

McDonald’s and Coke are official sponsors; athletes are beacons of health and fitness.  Many oppose the games; scores embrace them. Locals and visitors party in the streets; a competitor dies on the luge track in Whistler.

On opening day I see another paradox — an Olympic (dis)comfort, so to speak.

It appears in just a moment.  The direct link  →  here.

Olympics Money

In Random Curiosities on 01/26/2010 at 04:04

Was chatting with a fellow passenger on the Canada Line. He offered to sell me four tickets to the Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Great seats: third row from the front at B.C. Place. He bought them for $1,100.- each when they first went on sale. The intent was to re-sell for a profit.

Now he’s asking $1,600.- per ticket. It’s easy math: $2,000.- in his pocket if he unloads them for the price he asks. Thing is, the Opening Ceremony is under three weeks away. He’s having trouble selling. He’s advertised on craigslist and registered his tickets with the VANOC resale site. But so far, he says, no takers …

1,600 Canadian Dollars
1,508.75 United States Dollars
1070.92 Euro
931.13 United Kingdom Pounds
1679.61 Australian Dollars
135,272.13 Japanese Yen
70,010.25 Indian Rupees
114,817.09 Kenya Shillings
11,720.25 Hong Kong Dollars
10,299.15 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
133,297.01 Jamaican Dollars
292,100.82 Hungarian Forint
45,552.67 Russian Rubles
and so on …