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In About All Publications, About Image Works on 10/23/2012 at 06:42

Fun thing about submitting work to Referential Magazine— regardless of whether the submission takes the form of poetry, photography, or non/fiction—is the process. Each submission must refer, in one way or other, to a work on the site that is already published. It could refer to a word in a poem, a sentence or phrase in a work of  non/fiction, or even to a video or static image.

Three circular photos now appear in the zine. The references, and links, are as follows:

Melanie Faith’s poem “Ad Infinitum” contains the phrase scattering them into circles.  Reading this poem recalls a photo I took at sunset in Richmond, British Columbia.  The scattered circles, and the poem, are here.

The words full moon in Ellen Kline McLeod’s poem “Her Cracking Open” bring to mind a moon scene I captured near Vancouver International Airport. For the image, and McLeod’s words, go here.

The third image refers to Paris Elizabeth Sea’s poem “moment, molecule”.  A full moon I witnessed one night while standing on the curb in front of my home refers to Sea’s words: the smallest of dots. For the moon and the poem, click here.


Links to all of my references at Referential.